I am an artist and art teacher currently living in Vienna, with a passion for drawing and comics. I studied at the University of applied Arts in Vienna.​​​​​​​
Publications and Exhibitions
'Slalom' Kabinett Automatenheft Nr. 50 (AT) - Drawing the Times (NL) - Tagesspiegel (Berlin) - Basta!Mag / La Collection Passerelle (Paris) - Beautox (Hamburg) - Hieb-Magazin (Wien) - UND-Heft (Innsbruck) - Unique (ÖH-Uni Wien) - éditions avalanche (Wien, self-publishing)
Fumetto 2019 Competition (Luzern, CH) - Kunstkabine Rennbahn-Oerlikon (Zürich, CH) - Fumetto 2020 Satellite-Exhibition (Luzern, CH) - Kabinett Passage Automatenheft Nr. 50, 2022 (Wien, AT)

© Christophe Schwartz 
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