Christiana is a biologist currently working in Australia as a post-doc. In this short comic she tells the story of the beginning of her fascination with the nature and all of its organisms around her. 
I made this Comic for a competition of the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW), 2019
1 Ring! // 2 "Hello!" - "Hello Christiana, how are you in Australia?" - "I am good!" // 3 Why did you want to become a biologist? // 4 Hm... I think I was always facinated about life! // 5 My father is a farmer and hunter, which is why we were often in the forest. Often all by ourselves. 
1 He told me the most important trick for observing animals: You be very quiet and don't move at all... then the animals will show up automatically.
1 Although the most important encounter I had as a very small child. // 2 I was playing behind the our farmhouse close to the fields. // 5 It was a magical moment, in which I forgot about the world around me.
1 Some kids dream about flying to space... // 2 Or travel in a submarine under the sea! // 3 I dreamed of shrinking myself and discover the world beneath our feet. 
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